Since 2001, more than 9000 bars and restaurants are using our point of sale.

We’re a small but very driven team, 100% focused on creating point of sale systems for bars and restaurants.
We’ve got more than 15 years of experience, working together  with clients from all around the world.

For Restaurants

Order taking

Table reservations

Banqueting & Outside Catering

Kitchen order screen

Wireless Order Taking

jRestaurant was giving 5 start rating by various software reviewers

For bars and takeaway

Home Delivery



Clubs & Bars

jRestaurant was optimized for speed and efficiency when it comes to fast service.

For Hotels

Built-in Hotel Reservation

Guest Cards Printing

Put bill on room

Pre-paid board management

jHotel PMS is a rebranding of jRestaurant for Hotels and comes with an all in one Property Management System (PMS)
We build POS for retail , restaurants, bars, clubs, takeaways, hotels, spas and saloons.

Welcome to the unique POS experience

We are proud to present a system which can be adapted for all types of catering including restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and also for outside catering.

The system is user friendly and 100% proven to work. It has been installed in hundreds of restaurants around the world. Our clients are using jRestaurant POS system with success and have been the pioneers in some of the features presented in this software. Feel free to try our demo version with no obligations. If you purchase jRestaurant be sure that you will be investing in a system which will fit perfectly into your daily operations.

In the recent years jRestaurant continued to evolve with new features which were requested by our clients. The current version includes also the wireless option , outside catering features and also hotel management functions. All this makes jRestaurant a unique catering system which is multi-functional and not expensive, industrial-strength, do-it-yourself Point-of-Sale Software.

POS software for restaurants, table-service, fast-food, take-away, pizzerias, bars, night clubs, hotels, home-delivery, general retail, cafeterias.

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Feel free to contact us and we will be more than welcome to help you out.

We also offer POS on the cloud

Pay as you go 

With the cloud option you do not pay for the software, but you simply rent the software. We give you the Enterprise version immediately but you will have to pay a monthly fee which is the cost for hosting the software on a cloud server which is provided by a 3rd party.

Advantages of cloud based solution 

You do not pay for the software, you do not have installation problems because we will install it for you. You simply use the connection details we give you connect to the software.You do not have to worry about having a good server to host the software, because it will be installed on dedicate server on the cloud.

Disadvantages of cloud based solution 

In the long run the cloud based solution will be much more expensive than if you had to buy the software once. Also if the internet is down, your pos is down.

Super easy installation

The software is so easy and straight forward that you are up an running in minutes. If you have your menu in excel you can easily imported into the system and start selling in minutes.

Our software runs on any hardware running Windows operating system and have been tried out and test to work on old hardware as well.

Speed up your service

Start talking orders wirelessly and get rid of all the manual work.

Do-it-yourself Point of Sale

No special hardware needed, you just need a tablet and a wifi access point.

4 different versions to choose from

We offer different versions of jRestaurant

This price is a one-time price with no annual recurring fees. The system is completely yours. The price does not include installation and training on site. If you need assistance in installing the software onsite or remotely please contact us for more information.



Perfect for small restaurants.
Restaurant Orders
Split bills
Maximum 2 users
One Workstation
z-reading (end of day)
PLU Report
Basic reporting









Good for restaurants, bars, clubs and takeaway outlets.
All features contained in Lite
Bar / Club / Take away / Home delivery
Retail Mode










Great for large catering outlets, clubs and any retail store which needs a good reliable stock control system.
All features contain in Lite
Unlimited user accounts
Unlimited workstations
Table Layouts
Tips Management
Wireless orders
Stock Control and Recipes Management
Table Reservations
Discount Schemes
Kitchen Monitor Screen
Loyalty Cards
Expenses & Supplier Management
Outside Catering



Great for restaurant chains and hotels requiring an all-in-one system with PMS included.
All features contained in Professional
PMS Hotel Management System
Payroll and Punch Clock
Full Accounting Module






Other unique features

If there is something which you need in the POS we can build it for you as well.

We can help you choose the best hardware and if you want we can also quote for a complete POS system included touch screens, printers, barcode scanners, etc.


Integrate your point of sale with your online website with a touch of a button.

Wireless Order Taking

Start taking your orders by using a tablet or a mobile.

User friendly Design

Our POS software is intuitive and very easy to use.

Punchclock and Payrol

Our POS comes with a punch clock module coupled with a full Payroll system for issuing wages.

Stock Control

Built-in stock control system with food recipes.


If you need a function which cannot be supported by our software, we will build it for you.

Get 6 months free remote support and lifetime updates.

Take your restaurant or club to the next level and purchase our POS software

We will make sure that you do not regret your decision.

jRestaurant Basic

jRestaurant Lite

jRestaurant Professional

jRestaurant Enterprise